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Whether you are a business that stands on its own or a business that stands on its owner, you need money to make business happen. A business is an entity just like you and me. It needs money every day to pay for the services it receives, its space (office, warehouse), the care of its family (owners, employees, and investors), and to let its prospective customers know that it exists and is ready to provide a needed service. As a business grows, it needs money to add space to operate, seek new customers, find employees, and buy the equipment it needs to offer or expand its services.

According to a U.S. Banking study...

...and cited by SCORE/Counselors to America’s Small Business, the reason small businesses fail overwhelmingly includes cash flow issues. Approximately 80% have poor cash flow management, start out with too little money, do not plan for the monetary needs of their own growth, and do not plan for the cost to acquire customers.

The ability to find cash for your business often limits or eliminates its growth potential. Traditional lenders can only offer you their one size fits all money solution, but with our more than 60 lenders and 6000 loan programs, we can consult with you and design capital solutions that fit your unique business. Sure, you can spend your time searching and applying for capital. You may even find some of our partners, but that takes time and expertise that will be costly for you to acquire.


That is why you need to work with a business capital broker you trust. There is nobody you trust more than your “Best Friend” and we want you to feel the same way about Prime Ally Lenders. We make it our goal every day to earn your friendship and trust. We will use our knowledge of the commercial lending industry to make only the best possible recommendations for your business. Whether you need capital to acquire real estate, equipment, inventory, or working capital, we promise that we will never recommend a loan product or lender that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

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Let us help you find the best financing options and tailor them to your business needs.



Call us or fill out our contact page today so we can get started helping you. It’s time you give us a chance to prove that we will always treat you like our “Best Friend” and help get you the money you need to make your business a success.